Section 1.
Our registration company Vat Code is 04728971211 legal company, Head office Via Trav. Massa Lubrense Italy contact numbers +39 0818080457 and cell +39 3356732245 and +39 3929900198 also via cell phone can whatsup +39 3389681866 and +393356732245 to inform of any changes last minute we will make sure to accomodate the changes promptly 

Section 2.
Please read carefully to make sure all is transparent and clear and that when booking your airport or Train station /hotel transfer that the details you supply are correct.
once you have placed your booking online the transfer is then paid for in full via our website.  Completed your payment italy limousine will send via email your booking vouchers for the service/s with italy limousine transfer car services in Italy.
Please make sure all the details are correct that the correct date is supplied and time and pick up location indicated.  This is important as once you have booked online and have successfully received the vouchers with all the details that you have placed, the information that you have given Italy limousine is not responsible for any information given incorrect.

Section 3.
Prices online are for each transfer indicated in full  the client is responsible for extra costs. The extra costs are if a flight is delayed the car for the first hour there is no charge, Each hour extra 10% is aplicated and is charged on site by the driver. If a client does not show up for their private transfer there is no refund given.  NO SHOW by the client no refund.
If a client has given the wrong pick up details no refund is given.

Section 4.
If you have any special request then send an email directly to our head office For example you need to change the flight number or arrival airport or the train number and time has been changed send us an email and this will be adjusted accordingly on your booking please send the email to the following address

Section 5.
Transfer Services will be met by an English speaking driver , the car and driver services are exclusive to Italy limousine not a second handler you are dealing directly with the supplier.

Section 6.
The services booked are all inclusive of taxes and tolls and insurance there are no hidden charges extra that will be charged. ( apart from section 3 if this should occur)  

Section 7.
Refunds: the transfers once they have been paid for are not refundable , we only refund in extreme circumstances which are as follows  if the flight has been cancelled and only if you contact us by phone 24 hrs prior requarding the airport or port  transfer being cancelled by bad weather condition or strikes only. ( see contact numbers section 1 )
we will refund 50%

Section 8.
Missing a Flight if italy limousine has not been notified by the client we will not refund. ( as the driver is on site ) . If a flight has been missed and the client has contacted us  (see section 1 contact number )
we will charge and extra 50% of the following transfer to be serviced.

Section 9.
Luggages and Hand carrier.   Once you have booked the size veichle if you have extra luggages we can refuse the transfer and no refund is given. or the clients waits for correct size car to arrive that will accomdate the extra luggages paying the extra transfer cost  

Section 10.
Items left in the car italy limousine is not responsable for any items left in the car please check that one has collected everything from the car once arrived at your destination.

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